PARCH Non-Alcoholic Agave Cocktails – Embrace a Holistic Lifestyle

PARCH Non-Alcoholic Agave Cocktails - Embrace a Holistic Lifestyle

Prickly Pear Paloma A citrus and bittersweet cocktail that showcases the lively pairing of Organic Blue Weber Agave, Prickly Pear Cactus Fruit, Grapefruit & Orange Bitters, Lime juice, floral-tart Hibiscus and Desert Botanicals. Infused with our proprietary stack of adaptogens: L-Theanine Ashwagandha American Ginseng Features: All natural Non-GMO No preservatives Never artificial Vegan Gluten Free […]

Blind Tiger

Blind Tiger Clean Label Products For A Holistic Lifestyle

Prohibition-style cocktails made for modern times Southside:A refreshing mint and lime blend with hints of juniper.HistoryThe story goes Al Capone’s gang smuggled in a gin that was much harsher and less palatable. Creating cocktails with it required more ingredients, such as citrus fruit and sugar. The drink concocted apparently became very popular with Capone and […]

Curious Elixirs

Curious Elixirs Alcohol-Free Ready to Drink Cocktails with Adaptogens

The New York Times Best Non-Alcoholic Drink for Three Years In A Row! No Refined Sugars Gluten Free Alcohol-Free All Organic No Preservatives, Sulfites or fillers.  No 1 – The Negroni  Beautifully bitter booze-free pomegranate cocktail inspired by the Negroni Sbagliato, infused with rhodiola to lift you up. Adaptogenic Ingredients:  POMEGRANATE Wards off inflammation and […]

All the Bitter 

All the Bitter Alcohol-Free Bitters

CLASSICALLY INSPIRED, ALCOHOL-FREE COCKTAIL BITTERS THAT LIFT THE SPIRIT. MADE WITH ORGANIC, FUNCTIONAL HERBS TO AID DIGESTION & LIVER CLEANSING. They have bundles, travel packs (perfect for on the go mindful sipping), and even the random experimental flavors to try! All the Bitter is a MUST for all your alcohol-free needs, they work well in […]

Sarilla Sparkling Teas

Sarilla Sparkling Teas A Clean Label Product For A Holistic Lifestyle

Sparkling Organic Green Hibiscus Tea Their best selling flavor nationwide, Sarilla Green Hibiscus Tea has fine bubbles and great flavors that are keto-friendly. This cold steeped green tea is less bitter and is enhanced with a beautifully subtle hibiscus flavor. DescriptionMade with organic Rwandan green tea and hibiscus and sweetened with pure monk fruit. No […]


Amethyst Botanical Non-Alcoholic Spirits

One of the coolest things about Amethyst is that you will actually get a little heat with your drink! When giving up traditional alcohol, we often miss that ‘burn’, but no worries! Amethyst has got your back. Each flavor is highly versatile with hundreds of fun ways to mix and create. It is also highly […]

For Bitter For Worse

For Bitter For Worse Clean Label Products For A Holistic Lifestyle

Extremely versatile, For Bitter For Worse is brilliant as an alternative wine, a ready to drink cocktail and as a mixer! Made with ethically sourced and all organic ingredients, For Bitter for Worse is pasteurized and free of any harmful preservatives. Because I love robust and full-bodied flavor, For Bitter For Worse has been a […]

Prima Pave Premium Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Wines

Prima Pave Premium Alcohol-Removed Sparkling Wines

Untoxicated was formed with the intention to help consumers find the best quality products on the market that will support their mindful journey towards better health and wellness. Prima Pave sparkling wines are next level quality wines that are handcrafting in Italy. No sugar, no added chemicals, just delicious all-natural flavour.  Winning awards constantly in […]

KALLY Alternative Wines – The Verju

KALLY Alternative Wines - The Verju

Verjus (non fermented wine grapes), fruit, tea, and botanicals (and sometimes bubbles) mix perfectly together to create something truly special and delicious. Kally’s alternative wines are exactly where I send my former sommeliers who just cant find the alcohol-removed wine they once loved.  Orchard Sage: Herbaceous, tangy, and alive. Hints of mint, lemon, and apple […]



Bonbuz is here to electrify drinking culture. As a Female-founded, LA-based futurist beverage company, we have crafted alcohol-free functional alternative beverages catering to the demands of health-conscious consumers who want to drink differently. Our active ingredients heighten your senses and boost your mood transporting you to a deeper mind-body experience enabling you to tune in […]