KALLY Alternative Wines – The Verju
KALLY Alternative Wines - The Verju

Verjus (non fermented wine grapes), fruit, tea, and botanicals (and sometimes bubbles) mix perfectly together to create something truly special and delicious. Kally’s alternative wines are exactly where I send my former sommeliers who just cant find the alcohol-removed wine they once loved. 

Orchard Sage: Herbaceous, tangy, and alive. Hints of mint, lemon, and apple create a smooth, magical wine alternative. Orchard Sage invites intrigue with every sip. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind blend that pairs familiar notes with the more exotic flavors of sage and elderflower. The best part? It goes with everything.

Berry Fennel : Chardonnay grapes, organic fennel seed, cherry, strawberry and some decaffeinated black tea combine to create this one of a kind alternative wine to rival your traditional reds.

Verjus Sparkler: Fresh, tart and bright with crisp bubbles! Chardonnay grapes with high acidity, bold minerality and complex astringency. By adding carbonation, we accentuate all of these characteristics and bring the grape forward in the glass.

Golden Sparkler: Delicate, tart & bright. Notes of citrus and jasmine stand out in our complex sparkling wine alternative. A celebration of familiar flavors, think of Golden Sparkler as Champagne’s cool cousin. Made from the same grapes and gentle acids as your favorite bottle of bubbly.

Rose Sparkler: Dry, fruity & complex. Hints of strawberry and hibiscus produce a sophisticated sparkling wine alternative. Rosé all day with our delicate, dry pink sparkler. A careful balance of sweet and tart with the perfect nose of fruits and flowers.